Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to bring for my pet to stay?

An updated vaccination report from your vet.


2. My pet is on a special diet and needs special food. Can I bring my own food?

Of course you can and we encourage you to keep the same diet. What we do need from you, is to please zip lock baggie each daily portion. This ensures the recommended amount is given by our staff.  We do feed a quality premium food and it is available if you like.


3. Can all my dogs stay in the same suite?

Yes, they can as we find those from the same home do better when kept together.


4. Can I bring my pets favorite toys? Bring their favorite blanket/bed?

Chew toys are fine.  We do have the Kuranda raised cots for rent for your pets. The kennel floors are radiant heated and supply comfort with or without a bed. For sanitary purposes, we are not accepting beds and blankets.


5. If my pet requires medical attention, can you provide a vet?

Yes, we can dispense and give medications to our boarding and daycare guests. If a need arises and a veterinarian is required, we have an animal hospital here in ourcomplex.


6. How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

You may call on your way! We are available to accommodate you and your pet when you need us during business hours.


7. Can I come in for a tour?

Yes, please call ahead so we can have someone take you through the kennel area.


8. Does your staff have experience?

Between the staff members we have at King Kennels, we have some 200+ years of experience in boarding, training, grooming and dog care.


9. Can I get my dog or cat bathed before he comes home from boarding?

Our grooming staff is available to groom/bath your pets as a departure service and they will be done when you come to pick them up.


10. Do you make available outside playtimes?

Yes we do. You can choose from 1-3 outdoor playtimes with one of our staff members for $6 and a twenty minute session.


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